Airikacal Wiki, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Parents, Ethnicity, Net Worth & Biography (2024)

Airikacal is a popular Social Media Sensation, Tiktoker, Onlyfans Star, Model, and Content Creator. Currently, Airikacal is in the limelight because one of her n*de videos has leaked on social media. Airikacal is well known for her amazing content which uploads on her social media platforms from time to time.

She also makes lip-syncing, dancing, and modeling videos and also shares her modeling photos on her social media handles like Instagram and tiktok. She has many fan following on her Instagram and other social media platforms. I am your host tell you about Airikacal Wiki, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Parents, Ethnicity, Net Worth & Biography.


Airikacal Wiki/Biography

She celebrates her birthday on October 26 every year. Her birth year is 2000 (Age: As of 2023: 23 Years Old). She was born in Los Angeles, California, United States and she is also currently living in the same place. She is generally known by her name “Airikacal” but her full name is Airika Lilith Cal. She is also known by her other names i.e. Erika Calabrese, and Airikacal Calabrese.

Her nationality is American and her ethnicity is Mixed. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio and she follows the Christian religion. Her sexuality is straight and her professions are Internet Personality, Tiktok Celebrity, Onlyfans Star, Model, Entrepreneur, and Content Creator. Her hobbies and interests are Travelling, Reading, Swimming, Dancing and Driving.

Airikacal Educational Qualification

Airikacali is a highly educated individual who likely completed her primary education at a private school in Los Angeles, though the specific institution remains undisclosed. Additionally, she probably furthered her studies at a prestigious university in Los Angeles, graduating in a significant field that holds practical value for her future endeavors.

Airikacal Height & Weight

Airikacal Wiki, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Parents, Ethnicity, Net Worth & Biography (2)

Airikacal Erika height and weight

  • Height: 3′ 11″ inches
  • Weight: 30 Kg
  • Eye Colour: Dark Brown
  • Hair Colour: Blonde
  • Body Mesurement: 33-25-31 inches
  • Genetic Problem: Dwarfism

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Airikacal Biodata

  • Name-Airikacal
  • Gender-Female
  • Age-23 Years Old (As of 2023)
  • Profession-Internet Personality, Tiktok Celebrity, Onlyfans Star, Model, Entrepreneur, and Content Creator
  • Date of Birth-October 26, 2000
  • Birth Place-Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Zodiac sign-Scorpio
  • Nationality-American
  • School-Local School in Los Angeles
  • College/University-Reputated University in Los Angeles
  • Ethnicity-Mixed
  • Relationship Status-Committed
  • Boyfriend-Jake
  • Marital Status-Unmarried
  • Religion-Christian
  • Hobbies/Interests-Travelling, Reading, Swimming, Dancing and Driving
  • Parents-Father-Not Known, Mother-Hayeth Ablan
  • Siblings-Not Known
  • Sexuality-Straight
  • Net Worth-Approx. $600K USD (As of 2023)

Airikacal Family & Parents

Airikacal hails from Los Angeles and comes from a middle-class background. Despite her openness about certain aspects of her life, she is cautious about divulging personal details, such as the identity of her father. However, she has shared that her mother’s name is Hayeth Ablan.

She has a lovely bond with her mother and she has also gifted a luxurious car to her mother on her mother’s birthday. The information regarding whether she has any siblings remains undisclosed, and despite thorough research, the names of Airikacal’s parents could not be ascertained at the time of composing this article.

Airikacal Boyfriend & Relationship

Let me tell you about her boyfriend and relationships, her current relationship status is committed and her marital status is unmarried. She has a gorgeous face and cute look and is also dating a handsome boy whose name is Jake. She loves him so much and also shared her relationship experience in the form of many videos and photos with him on her social media accounts. She has also disclosed about her past relationships. We will update the remaining information soon.

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Airikacal Career & Profession

She started her career in her childhood as a model and she has faced many problems cause of her dwarfism. She uploads lip-syncing and modeling videos on her social media accounts which she starts to rise on social media. She is well known for her Adult content on her Onlyfans Account and also has thousands of followers.

She has also endorsed and collaborated with many brands and has been featured many times in music videos. In addition to her diverse sources of income, Airikacal has established a professional connection with DYCE Management, a talent agency. She has more than 580K followers on her Instagram account and holds more than 930K fan followers on her Tiktok account. She has more than 455K followers on her Twitter account.

Airikacal N*de Video Leaked

There has been speculation among the public that one of Airikacal’s videos was leaked on social media. While some perceive it as an accidental occurrence, there are suggestions that this could be a deliberate technique employed to attract attention and achieve viral status. It’s a publicity stunt that was done by Airikacal by leaking her nude video on social media. Now, she is in the limelight cause of a nude video leak.

Airikacal Net Worth & Income

Airikacal generates income through various avenues, including acting, modeling, advertising, paid promotions, and collaborations with brands. Her financial success enables her to enjoy a cheerful life surrounded by her parents, family, and friends.

As a dedicated professional, she has built a robust career that supports her comfortable lifestyle. Reports from 2023 estimate Airikacal’s net worth to be $600,000 USD. She also earns a good amount from her Onlyfans account on which she offers her content per person for $3 dollars for 30 days.

She owns valuable assets, including a beautifully decorated and well-furnished house and a car, contributing to her modest yet luxurious living. Additionally, Airikacal earns income through TV commercials, sponsorships, and serving as an ambassador for popular brands.

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Airikacal Social Media Handles

Airikacal Amazing Facts

  • She has a backup Twitter account i.e. @Reallyairikaca
  • She uploads her many pictures and video content in a few clothes to attract adult people on her Onlyfans account.
  • Airikacal likes to click mirror selfies.
  • She is an iPhone User.
  • She loves animals and also has a pet cat of brown and black shade.
  • She has also uploaded a video named “TRUTH OR DRINK” with her boyfriend.

Airikacal Wiki, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Parents, Ethnicity, Net Worth & Biography (2024)
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