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Apartments for Rent in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is an eclectic city filled with contrasts. The most avant-garde skyscrapers peacefully coexist with a carefully preserved medieval legacy, while the wealthiest bankers live side by side with auspicious students. When it comes to rental properties, the city offers a wide variety of apartments, houses, and studios for rent, ranging from small studios to spacious family homes. Frankfurt is a great place to work and study, filled with opportunities, but if you decide to move to the city, you should remember that apartments for rent in Frankfurt are the second most expensive in the country. So, make sure to calculate your costs carefully.

What to Know About Renting in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt is a vibrant city in central Germany that is known for its financial district, museums, and cultural offerings. If you are considering renting in Frankfurt, there are several things you should know:1. Cost of living: Frankfurt is one of the more expensive cities in Germany, and as such, renters should expect to pay higher prices for housing, food, and other living expenses. However, compared to other major European cities, such as London or Paris, Frankfurt is still relatively affordable.2. Neighborhoods: Frankfurt is a large city with a variety of neighborhoods, each with its own character and atmosphere. Popular neighborhoods for renters include the city center, Sachsenhausen, Bornheim, Nordend, and Westend.3. Rental market: The rental market in Frankfurt can be competitive, particularly for popular neighborhoods and high-quality apartments. Renters should be prepared to provide documentation such as proof of income and references from previous landlords.4. Transportation: Frankfurt has an excellent public transportation system, which includes buses, trams, and a subway system known as the U-Bahn. The city also has an extensive network of bike lanes, making cycling a popular and convenient mode of transportation.5. Local laws: As a renter in Frankfurt, you should be familiar with the local laws and regulations. For example, landlords are required to provide a written lease agreement and may only increase rent once per year.

Best Neighborhoods to Rent in Frankfurt


Sachsenhausen is known as the old center of Frankfurt. Its cobbled streets and small squares give the area plenty of character and a bohemian feel. Sachsenhausen is famous for apple wine, and it has a high concentration of bars, which is ideal for pub crawls and tasting tours. You can always head to one of the countless pubs, cafes, or clubs if you want to spend the night out. However, this district also has plenty to offer those who have other interests, such as shopping. The main retail street Schweizer Strasse provides an eclectic mix of boutiques that are perfect for picking up souvenirs to take home. Sachsenhausen is one of the most populated neighborhoods, popular among young people who are attracted to this vibrant district. Here you can find apartments for rent for a relatively low price.


Höchst became world-famous as the location of the industrial site of the former Hoechst AG company. Not so many people know that this district has a picturesque historic old town with timber-framed buildings. Ideally placed on the bank of the Main River, Höchst is a noteworthy stop, with medieval streets to walk through and historical sites to look at. Starting from 1972, Frankfurt's oldest district has been an officially preserved site of historical interest. It boasts iconic buildings such as the Bolongaro Palace, the city fortifications, the Customs Tower, and the Old Town Hall.


Until a few years ago, Kalbach, with its cozy town center, was one of those peaceful suburban villages. Everything changed when the new residential development areas and, more importantly, commercial areas were planned. By 2004, here was built the Frankfurt Fresh Produce Centre — the central wholesale market in the city. Nonetheless, this neighborhood is like no other part of Frankfurt, and it still maintains its small-town feel and friendly residents. The neighborhood is famous for its large sports and leisure center that meets Olympic requirements.The Riedberg has been transformed into the largest new development area in the city. By 2017, authorities built 6,000 apartments and houses for over 15,000 people. Many of them work at the Frankfurt University, which has already established various campuses here. The Max Planck Institute for Biophysics, Frankfurt Innovation Center for Biotechnology, and Merz Pharma are located in the new Science City as well.


Rödelheim is booming right now — firstly, thanks to the German air traffic control office, which decided to establish their headquarters in this charming district. On the streets of Rödelheim, you can also notice many IT professionals — the largest Frankfurt IT cluster is situated here on Eschborner Landstrasse and brings several hundred jobs to the district. Despite all this upheaval, there is also tranquil Rödelheim which its residents know and love. The Petri House in the quiet Brentano park is a magnet for creative artists — a certain gentleman named Goethe is said to have spent the night there.


Niederrad is one of the smaller districts of Frankfurt, but it has some spectacular sights to offer. The old town in this area undoubtedly preserved its charm. However, the district architecture is more characterized by the Bruchfeldstrasse housing development, designed and built in 1927 by the Frankfurt city planner and architect Ernst May. Due to its unique angular facade arrangement, it is also called “zigzag houses.” The Blue Towers are another well-known spot — thousands of people work here every day. In the summer months, the Niederrad Main bank is a popular vacation spot — on the upstream Main Island, the Frankfurt residents enjoy the sun and relax. Another green oasis loved by many is Elli Lucht Park.


Everyone in Germany knows Ostend for its most famous trademark — Frankfurt Zoo. But, there are so many other things to explore in the area! A great example could be the Fritz Rémond Theater and Dr. Hoch's Conservatory. Generally, Ostend is filled with cultural institutions and has something to offer to any art lover, whether they seek a theater, cinema, art gallery, or live concert. You can go to the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm theater, the former Naxoshalle factory that became a cultural center, or the International Ensemble Modern Academy.It is always wild and loud in the clubs along Hanauer Landstrasse, which has transformed from a grubby industrial area into a trendy creative street with striking architecture that continues to evolve and develop. An illustration of gentrification is Union Halle — what once was an old brewery became a creative space with offices, clubs, restaurants, bars, and shops around.


Since its incorporation into Frankfurt, Bockenheim has been an integral part of the city. This district accommodates one of the campuses of Goethe University Frankfurt, that’s why a large part of Bockenhein is always filled with students. This spirit is even stronger thanks to the university library, various theaters, little cafes, and typically German pubs. Of course, you will also not be disappointed if you want to spend a night out. But, if you get tired of the constant hassle of promising young students and the never-ending party near Bockenheimer Warte, there are plenty of places for escape! Start with the beautiful Rebstockpark, where you can have a picnic, explore nature, or simply enjoy the sunny day.

Apartments for rent in Frankfurt, Germany - Rentberry (2024)
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