Forbidden Fruit Strain: Exotic Flavor & Potent Effects (2024)

Are you the type of cannabis connoisseur who prioritizes flavor and aroma in your cannabis? If so, Forbidden Fruit is a must-try strain. This cannabis strain packs a fruity punch that's made it a hidden gem of the cannabis world. Keep reading to learn all the interesting details about Forbidden Fruit cannabis.

What is the Forbidden Fruit strain?

Forbidden Fruit is a relatively new cannabis strain that first appeared in 2016. This unexpected strain appeared after San Francisco breeders started crossing berry-scented Cherry Pie cannabis with citrus-flavored Tangie cannabis. The breeders noticed that one specific phenotype happened to have dark purple leaves and a phenomenal smell. Once people tried this phenotype and tasted its phenomenally fruity flavor, it earned the name of Forbidden Fruit.

Is Forbidden Fruit strain an Indica or Sativa?

Technically speaking, Forbidden Fruit is a hybrid. One of its parent strains is a hybrid while the other is a Sativa. However, this unique strain tends to result in calming, full-body sensations, so it often gets called Forbidden Fruit Indica cannabis despite its hybrid background.

Forbidden Fruit appearance, flavor, smell, and taste

Forbidden Fruit buds have a distinctive appearance due to their dark purple color and a thick coating of orange hairs. The midsized buds often have a frosty glaze of trichomes that add extra intensity to the cannabis. People who smell fresh Forbidden Fruit tend to report that it smells both sweet and skunky.

Once you dry and vaporize Forbidden Fruit in your PAX vaporizer, you'll notice intensely fruity flavors. The cannabis gets pronounced cherry and citrus aromas from both of its parent strains. A complex blend of myrcene, limonene, and other terpenes gives the Forbidden Fruit strain strong hints of tropical mango and passionfruit as well. Secondary notes of pine and pepper provide a subtle balance for the sweeter notes of this strain.

Effects and benefits of consuming Forbidden Fruit cannabis

Its fantastic flavor isn't the only reason people are raving about the Forbidden strain. This Indica-leaning hybrid is also a favorite due to its pleasant effects. It naturally has around 16% THC. Cannabis concentrates made from Forbidden Fruit can reach around 80% to 90% THC.

What does vaporizing Forbidden Fruit feel like?

Whatever form you try it in, Forbidden Fruit tends to have noticeable physical sensations. People who try it often mention that they feel like they are melting or floating. Some also say the cannabis strain causes a pleasant numbness or sensation of heavy limbs. In addition to feelings of peace and tranquility, some Forbidden Fruit strain reviews also mention feelings of joy, euphoria, giggliness, and creativity.

Does Forbidden Fruit have any side effects?

Keep in mind that most people prefer Forbidden Fruit for activities like listening to music or enjoying a nice snack. Forbidden Fruit strain effects might not work well with activities like going on long walks or socializing at a party.

Cultivation essentials for Forbidden Fruit strain

If you're interested in growing this cannabis strain at home, here are a few essential things to know:

  • Forbidden Fruit flowering time is usually somewhere between 8-10 weeks.
  • Plant your Forbidden Fruit strain seeds early in the growing period for the best results.
  • The Forbidden Fruits strain doesn't do well with excessive amounts of nutrition, so keep your fertilizer rate low.
  • This strain grows very densely. Plant your Forbidden Fruit seeds so that you end up with no more than three plants per square meter.
  • Forbidden Fruit loves excessive sunlight and infrequent watering sessions.
  • This strain does very well when planted in the traditional Screen of Green method that uses nets to support the plant.

Frequently asked questions about Forbidden Fruit

Check out these interesting facts if you'd like to learn more about the Forbidden Fruit strain.

Is Forbidden Fruit a rare strain?

It can be hard to find Forbidden Fruit cannabis for sale. In many areas, it's so uncommon that dispensaries can only offer it as a limited release. It can take a little time to find someone selling this strain, but most cannabis enthusiasts believe that hunting down this rare cannabis is worth the effort.

Is Forbidden Fruit easy to grow?

Yes, this cannabis strain does well at a variety of temperatures and sunlight levels, and it's resistant to mold. Just keep in mind that Forbidden Fruit is very sensitive to being overly fertilized.

What is the flowering time for Forbidden Fruit?

Forbidden Fruit can flower in as little as eight weeks. However, growers notice that you get a better crop if you give it a few extra weeks of vegetative growth before flowering.

What is Forbidden Fruit strain good for?

Many people say they love vaporizing Forbidden Fruit when they want to relax and calm down. It's popular for unwinding after a hard day at work or sitting back to enjoy some music or an animated film.

Is Forbidden Fruit strain suitable for beginners?

The pleasant flavor of Forbidden Fruit does make it popular with beginners who like sweeter tastes. However, keep in mind that it has very pronounced Indica effects. Some beginners may find the full-body sensations a little overwhelming.

What makes Forbidden Fruit different from other fruity strains?

At a glance, Forbidden Fruit stands out due to its unusual purple color and thick coating of trichomes. Once you try it, you'll find that the fruity flavor is more pronounced compared to other strains like Gelato. It also has a higher proportion of Indica effects compared to other hybrid strains.

Ultimately, Forbidden Fruit is a cannabis strain worth trying. Though it's still fairly new and not sold in many stores yet, its fruity flavor and intense Indica impact have already resulted in glowing reviews. Grab your PAX vaporizer, find a retailer near you selling PAX cannabis, and see for yourself why Forbidden Fruit is so popular.

Forbidden Fruit Strain: Exotic Flavor & Potent Effects (2024)
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