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Maurices is a staple brand for many, centered around women’s fashion. This company aims their focus on affordable yet stylish pieces for daily wear.

If you love wearing the Maurices brand, you may be wondering how to find a Maurices style number. Style numbers can help you find an older Maurices item to purchase again, and/or give you more information about your specific item.

There are multiple ways to find a style number. In this post, we will go over these quick and easy methods so you can have your Maurices style number in no time!

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Maurices Style Number: What To Look For

First, let’s go over exactly what we’re looking for when it comes to finding a Maurices item number. Although there are many types and styles of Maurices apparel, style number structures remain the same.

Maurices style numbers will always consist of 6-digits. That’s right, each time you look for a Maurices item number it will be a 6-digit numerical code.

Now that we know this, let’s go over where exactly to look for your style number.

Maurices Website

The first place that the Maurices style number can be found is on the Maurices website. Once you click on a product, it will take you to the information page with additional pictures and a description.

At the bottom of the description section, you will see the style number clearly stated. In this example, the 6-digit code is 214299.

Maurices Style Number Lookup Tool - The Resale Doctor (1)

This screenshot is taken directly from the Maurices website. At the current time, all Maurices items have a 6-digit code in the item descriptions, showing that this is the format that they use.

Next, we will get into more practical ways to find your Maurices style number once it is already in your hands.

Maurices Price Tag

If your Maurices item is brand new and still has the original price tag attached, you can use this to find your Maurices style number. On the price tag, you will be looking for the same 6-digit numerical code.

The Maurices price tag can get confusing though because there are so many number combinations. To find your style number specifically, you’ll need to look to the left of the barcode.

The Maurices style number is the 6-digit number to the left of the barcode. It will align with the top of the barcode.

This means you’ll ignore the first two lines under where it says “Maurices” on the tag.

Underneath the style number there will be two other lines that you will also ignore, then you’ll see the size, and at the very bottom will be the price.

Now I know that not every item will still have the original tags attached, so we’ve still got one more strategy to go over.

Maurices Inner Tag

The last place to look for the Maurices style number is located on the inner tag. It is within the grouping of tags that outlines the materials of the item.

Maurices Style Number Lookup Tool - The Resale Doctor (2)

Look on the inside seam of your clothing item for these tags. Once you find it, flip to the very back tag.

Here, you will find your 6-digit Maurices item number. Now that you have the style number, you can input it into a Google search to find your Maurices item.

In the picture above, you can see an older style of a Maurices tag. Unfortunately this one does not have a style number listed.

This may be the case for your item if it is an older Maurices garment. With the age of any garment, these methods aren’t guaranteed as brands change up their systems and style number structures often.

If you couldn’t find success with these methods, head over to our guide on finding style numbers and stock photos for any brand. It’s our trusty universal guide that helps you find your style number and works for items regardless of brand!

Maurices Style Number Lookup Tool - The Resale Doctor (2024)


How many maurices locations are there in the US? ›

843 maurices Stores in The US.

How long does it take maurices to ship? ›

Q: What are your shipping rates?
Shipping MethodEstimated Delivery TimePrice
Standard Ground Shipping on orders to the US over $50 USD or Credit Card Member3-8 business daysFREE
Standard Ground Shipping3-8 business days$6.95
2-Day Shipping*2-3 business days$10.95 & up
Next Day Shipping**1-2 business days$20.95 & up

Did maurices sell men's clothing? ›

Maurices, the Duluth, Minn., chain owned by Dress Barn Inc., has entered the plus-size business and dropped men's wear.

Does maurices have an app? ›

Clothing chain Maurices has rolled out a mobile site and application that lets consumers shop the latest looks and find a nearby store. Maurices' mobile app and site uses push notifications, mobile bar code scanning and offers to entice users to interact with the brand and create a closer one-on-one relationship.

Who is maurices owned by? ›


What age does maurices target? ›

OpCapita | Maurices. Founded in 1931 by Maurice Labovitz, Maurices is an American women's apparel retailer based in Duluth, Minnesota. The chain targets women aged 25-45 with value apparel and accessories through a network of c. 900 stores across the U.S. and Canada, and its website

Can you trade in maurices jeans? ›

A: mymaurices Rewards Members may bring any pair of m jeans by maurices™ jeans to any maurices store to exchange one time, for the same style in a new size, within 365 days of purchase. Exchanges are not currently available online. For more information, visit our Fit Freedom program page.

Is 0x the same as XL? ›

A: 0x is 1 size larger than an XL, but smaller than a 1X. There are 4" difference in material measurements between XL and 1X sizes, 0x is 2" larger than an XL and 2" smaller than a 1X. In tops this size is beneficial for women who's chest is too large for XL, but 1X fits the chest but is loose everywhere else.

Who is the CEO of maurices? ›

Jeff Kirwan - maurices | LinkedIn.

Does maurices do a birthday discount? ›

A: Members who also have the maurices credit card get 10% off every day purchases1 and Free Shipping No Minimum2 when they use their card. They also get $10 for their birthday month3 and Double Points event4 every month.

What bank is maurices credit card? ›

Note: Your maurices Credit Card account is issued by Comenity Bank.

How do I return items to maurices? ›

Return by Mail: You can use the prepaid shipping label included in your online order to return the item by mail. A return shipping fee of $5.95 will be deducted from your refund. Return to Store: You can also return items purchased online to any maurices store within 60 days.

What is the financial status of maurices? ›

maurices's revenue is $1.0 billion.

maurices peak revenue was $1.0B in 2023. maurices has 25 employees, and the revenue per employee ratio is $40,000,000.

How many boutiques are in the United States? ›

There are 178,366 Clothing Boutiques businesses in the US as of 2023, an increase of 1.7% from 2022.

How many J Crew stores are there in the US? ›

112 J. Crew Stores in United States.

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