Parts – TimeCutter SW 5000 Riding Mower (2024)

Parts – TimeCutter SW 5000 Riding Mower (1)

Product Information

  • Model #: 74790
  • Serial #: 315000001 - 315999999
  • Product Type: Riding Products


Parts – TimeCutter SW 5000 Riding Mower (2)

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Drawing Title Part Number Description

2 Ply Wheel and Tire Assembly No. 131-3672

4 PLY Wheel and Tire ASM No. 119-8908

50 Inch Deck Assembly

50 Inch Deck Decal Assembly No. 131-3606

50 Inch Deck, Belt and Blade Assembly

Air Intake and Filtration Assembly Engine Assembly No. 127-9041

Battery and Electrical Assembly

Belt and Idler Assembly

Blower Housing Assembly Engine Assembly No. 127-9041

Body Styling and Fuel Pod Assembly

Brake Assembly

Carburetor Assembly Engine Assembly No. 127-9041

Clutch Assembly

Crankcase and Crankshaft Assembly Engine Assembly No. 127-9041

Deck Lift Assembly

Frame, Front Axle and Caster Wheel Assembly

Fuel Delivery Assembly

Fuel System Assembly Engine Assembly No. 127-9041

Gasket and Seal Kit Engine Assembly No. 127-9041

Gear Assembly

Governor Control Assembly Engine Assembly No. 127-9041

Hydro Transaxle Drive and Rear Wheel Assembly

Ignition and Electrical Assembly Engine Assembly No. 127-9041

Left Hand Hydro Transaxle Assembly No. 119-3350

Motion Control Assembly

Piston and Cylinder Head Assembly Engine Assembly No. 127-9041

Right Hand Hydro Transaxle Assembly No. 119-3351

Seat Assembly

Speed Control Assembly

Steering Assembly

Steering Cable Assembly

Steering Column Assembly

Wire Harness Assembly

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  • Service Manual

    • English (492-4778)
    • English ()

  • Operator's Manual

    • English (3393-930)
    • French (3393-932)
    • Spanish (3393-931)
    • English (3393-930-W)
    • French (3393-932-W)
    • Spanish (3393-931-W)

  • Setup Instructions

    • English (3393-925)


TimeCutter Arm Rest Kit (Part # 105-6978)

$136.99 USD

The Toro Armrest kit provides extra comfort while using your Toro 32 and 42 in. TimeCutter SS, SW or MX manufactured in 2002 or later. The padded arm rests are contoured to provide comfortable support while still providing optimum motion for mower operation. The pivoting design provides easy seat access while getting on and off the mower.

$136.99 USD

TimeCutter 50" Bagging Enhancement Kit (Part # 114-1608)

$74.99 USD

Get that pristine lawn you’ve been dreaming of with the help of the Toro’s Leaf Bagging Enhancement and make short work of it. Decreases leaf blowout on the deck when bagging leaves and increases bagging performance. Fits select models of TimeCutter SS and SW zero turn mowers.

$74.99 USD

Hourmeter Kit for Timecutter Mowers (Part # 116-5461)

$107.79 USD

The Toro Hour meter kit provides fractional engine hour tracking to easily track usage and service intervals. Easy to install into pre-existing slot and connects with the wiring harness leading to the seat switch.

$107.79 USD

Please contact your local dealer

Parts – TimeCutter SW 5000 Riding Mower (40)

OIL - SYNTHETIC, ALL SEASON (Part # 117-0066)

Toro Premium Fuel Treatment - .4 oz. (Part # 117-0089)

Genuine OEM Part

Toro Premium Fuel Treatment - 16 oz. (Part # 117-0090)

Genuine OEM Part

Seat Cover for Models With out Arm Rest (Part # 117-0096)

$49.99 USD

Protect your investment with a customized seat cover. Toro's seat cover for use on TimeCutter 18 in. seats without armrests will make old seats look new and protects new seats from future wear and tear. The fabric is coated for maximum water resistance and repellency and is cushioned for extra comfort. For serial numbers 412000001 & up only.

$49.99 USD

TimeCutter Mower Striping Kit (Part # 120-7905)

$112.99 USD

The Toro Striping Kit allows you to create stripes and patterns to your lawn while you mow. Striping kits lay the grass leaves down in the direction of travel. The differences in direction reflect light to provide light and dark stripes in your lawn.Adjustable to provide more or less downward pressure. This Striping Kit is for 42" and 50" TimeCutter Zero Turn Mowers - Fits select models.

$112.99 USD

KIT-JACK MOUNT (Part # 126-5251)

$93.49 USD

$93.49 USD

Riding Mower Jack Kit (Part # 127-6666)

$126.49 USD

Genuine Toro jack mount kit. Mounts to the front of the mower and allows the owner to raise the mower to gain access to the underside of the deck to check blades or wash the deck. To best protect your investment and maintain optimal performance of your turf equipment, count on Toro genuine parts. When it comes to reliability, Toro delivers replacement parts designed to the exact engineering specifications of our equipment. For peace of mind, insist on Toro genuine parts.

$126.49 USD

Please contact your local dealer

Attachment Mount Kit for Residential Z-Mowers (Part # 131-3966)

$232.09 USD

Genuine OEM Part

$232.09 USD

Deluxe Seat Kit for TimeCutter Mowers (Part # 131-7699)

$479.99 USD

Genuine OEM Part

$479.99 USD

Deck Retention Kit (Part # 132-0913)

$15.39 USD

Genuine OEM Part

$15.39 USD


TimeCutter Steering Wheel Anti-Vibration Rubber Floor Mat (Part # 132-6920)

$54.99 USD

Genuine OEM Part

$54.99 USD

DECK RETENTION KIT (Part # 137-2016)

$43.99 USD

$43.99 USD

10W30 4-Cycle Engine Oil - 32 oz. Bottle (Part # 38280)

$10.66 USD

The Toro 38280 Premium 4-Cycle Lawn Mower Engine Oil 10W-30 is specially formulated to meet specific 4-cycle engine manufacturer requirements calling for 10W-30. This lawn mower engine oil provides the ultimate protection for all 4-cycle OPE engines. The lawn mower engine oil is developed with Toro engineering to meet the standards for all air-cooled, liquid-cooled and diesel engines. To maximize the performance of your Toro lawn mower, we highly recommend using this Toro lawn mower engine oil, which has been specifically formulated for best results. The lawn mower engine oil provides extreme performance in all temperatures, enhancing the life of your lawn mower's engine.

$10.66 USD

SAE 30 4-Cycle Lawn Mower Engine Oil 32 oz (Part # 38903)

$9.79 USD

Toro SAE 30 4-cycle engine oil passed the strictest requirements in thousands of hours of testing in hundreds of engines before you filled your lawn mower. This oil meets or exceeds performance requirements of all OEM engines (Toro, Briggs & Stratton, KOLHER, Honda, and Tec*mseh). The use of Toro SAE 30 4-cycle lawn mower oil minimizes molecular shearing for extended life in hot-air-cooled applications vs multi-grades (i.e., 10W-30).

$9.79 USD

Please contact your local dealer

Cover for TimeCutter Models (Part # 490-7516)

$99.99 USD

The Toro Z mower cover protects your investment by offering all-season protection. Toro covers are constructed of tough, waterproof, tear and abrasion-resistant 600-Denier polyester and will provide years of carefree protection for your mower. Toro covers protect against snow, sun damage, rain, dust, birds, tree sap and more. Toro covers also feature vents to minimize condensation and heat build-up and an elastic opening to ensure a snug, secure fit.

$99.99 USD

Please contact your local dealer

TimeCutter SS Sunshade (Part # 79011)

$268.99 USD

Keep cool and dry while you mow. The Toro TimeCutter sunshade increases operator comfort by shielding you from the elements. Assembles easily and offers a clean line of sight across your entire mowing area. Genuine Toro Parts and accessories are designed specifically for your machine and built to exacting standards with tight tolerances. Other parts simply don't stack up to the quality, performance, and value of Genuine Toro Parts.

$268.99 USD

17.5 Inch High Lift TimeCutter Replacement Blades (3-Pack) (Part # 79016P)

$57.99 USD

Use this 3-Pack Replacement Blade Kit to maintain your 34 or 50 inch TimeCutter's High quality cutting performance. The sharp 17.5 in. Hi-Flow blades provide a crisp cut and are compatible with select TimeCutters manufactured in and after 2011.

$57.99 USD

50" TimeCutter SS and SW Recycler Kit (Part # 79019)

$249.99 USD

By adding on the Toro Recycler system you create your own natural fertilizer. This patented system cuts grass clippings 6-8 times, turning them into a fine nutrient-rich mulch to feed your lawn all season. The secret lies in the unique 'kickers' that direct clippings back into the blades to be re-cut before being released into your lawn. Kit allows you to recycle with your Toro 50" TimeCutter SS and TimeCutter SW zero turn mower. Fits on select models of TimeCutter SS and SW zero turn mowers.

$249.99 USD

Parts – TimeCutter SW 5000 Riding Mower (59)

Cargo Carrier, Zero-Turn-Radius Riding Mower (Part # 79040)

$899.00 USD

Pick up lawn clippings, leaves, and debris quickly with our Twin Bagger. Our baggers have a 6.5 bushel (8 cubic feet) capacity. 50" twin bagger will fit on select models of TimeCutter SS and SW zero turn mowers.

$899.00 USD

Please contact your local dealer

Product Details

  • Model #
  • Serial #
    315000001 - 315999999
  • Product Name
    TimeCutter SW 5000 Riding Mower
  • Product Brand
  • Product Type
    Riding Products
  • Product Series
    Zero Radius Turn, Consumer
  • Chassis Type
    ZRT - Consumer
  • Swath
    50 inch
  • Discharge
  • Engine/Motor Manufacturer
  • Engine/Motor Size
    24.5 hp
  • Engine/Motor Type
    4 Cycle
  • Engine Starter
  • Transmission Type
  • Traction Type
    Rear WD


  • Engine: Battery
    12V 195CCA
  • Engine: Spark Plug Gap
    .030"/ .76mm
  • Chassis: Tire Pressure
    13 psi / 90 kPa
  • Chassis: Height of Cut Range
    1.5-4.5"; 1/2" increments
  • Engine: Engine Speed
    3300±100 RPM
  • Drive System: Ground Speed
    Fwd. 0 - 7.0 Rev. 0 - 3.5 mph
  • Engine: Ignition Coil Air Gap
    0.011in (0.3mm)
  • Engine: Spark Plug
    Champion RN9YC / NGK BPR6ES
  • Engine: Engine Oil Type
    2.5 qts (80 oz. or 2.4L) 10W-30 with filter change
  • Drive System: Gearbox Lubricant
    56 oz. 20W50 Engine Oil
Parts – TimeCutter SW 5000 Riding Mower (2024)


What Kohler engine is on the Toro TimeCutter? ›

Drive TypeRear-Wheel Drive
Engine24 HP** Kohler Twin 7000 Series Pro Air Cleaner
Engine BrandKohler
Engine Displacement (cc)725 cc
35 more rows

Who makes TimeCutter zero turn mowers? ›

2021 Toro TimeCutter® Zero Turn Mower 50" (127 cm) (75750)

How much does a Toro TimeCutter 5000 weigh? ›

Air filtrationStandard
Unit length731 inches
Unit height41.5 inches
Warranty3 years limited
Weight588 pounds
23 more rows

What size motor is on a Toro TimeCutter? ›

Toro TimeCutter Zero Turn Mowers
Engine22.5 hp Toro V-Twin 708cc
Cutting Width106.7 cm
TransmissionDual Hydrostatic HG-ZT2100
Foot Operated Height of CutOptional
Ground SpeedMOW: 11.3 km/h / 4.8 km/h TRIM: 8.8 km/h / 3.8 km/h TOW: 6.4 km/h / 2.7 km/h
9 more rows

Why did Toro stop using Kohler engines? ›

The Kohler engine electrical system can fail and may cause a fire hazard.

Are Toro and Exmark made by the same company? ›

One question that often arises is whether Toro makes Exmark mowers or if Exmark makes Toro mowers. In fact, Toro acquired Exmark in 1997, making Exmark a subsidiary of Toro. As a result, Exmark mowers are now manufactured by Toro and are part of the Toro product lineup.

What is the most reliable zero-turn mower brand? ›

  • Best Overall: Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 50 Ultima Series ZT Riding Mower » ...
  • Best Budget: Troy-Bilt Mustang Z42 Zero-Turn Rider » ...
  • Best Gas-Powered: John Deere Z530R ZTrak Mower » ...
  • Best Electric: EGO Power+ Z6 Zero-Turn Mower » ...
  • Best for Large Yards: Cub Cadet Ultima ZTS2 50 Ultima Series ZTS Riding Mower »

Which zero-turn is better, cub cadet or Toro? ›

Both the Toro TimeCutter SS4225 and the Cub Cadet ZT1 mower are popular residential zero-turn mowers. The Cub Cadet is a quality mower and has been touted as extremely comfortable and easy to use. Back in 2023, I would have suggested the Cub Cadet is the superior mower, given the comfort levels and my experience.

How many hours will a Toro zero-turn last? ›

Two thousand hours is generally the number you'll hit without any major repairs.

How much weight can a Toro TimeCutter pull? ›

Air FilterStandard Kawasaki Air Cleaner
Tires12 in. x 6 in. (30.5 cm x 15.2cm) Front, 20 in. x11 in. (50.8 cm x 27.9 cm) Rear
Tow CapacityCombined machine, user, towed weight may not exceed 1,000 lbs.
TransmissionDual Hydrostatic HG-EZT2200
Washout PortStandard
49 more rows

How much gas does a Toro TimeCutter hold? ›

Fuel Capacity: 3 gal. / 11.4 L / 12 Qt.

What engine is on Toro Zero-Turn? ›

The Toro single cylinder and Toro Commercial V-Twin engines — the same ones found on some of our industry- leading commercial zero-turn mowers — were specifically created to deliver optimal performance in our mowers to the needs of the Toro decks they power.

What engine does my Toro lawn mower have? ›

Briggs & Stratton® EXI Engine.

What is the difference between Kohler 7000 series and 7000 pro? ›

The 7000 Series has BIG displacement (up to 747 cc) for BIG horsepower (up to 26 hp) and torque (up to 42.4 ft lb peak) to get the grass cut fast and efficiently. The PRO Series features a larger air filter, a larger oil filter and a larger fuel filter. Other features include: Engineered and assembled in the USA.

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